Historic Background

'50s1947 - Costantino Bettinelli...

1953 - Costantino Bettinelli founded the company BETTINELLI Officine Meccaniche sdf, a laboratory specialized in metal parts turning.

1953-1960 - Later the company developed two different production lines. One line was dedicated to the gas burner production for industrial furnaces and stoves, whereas the other line was dedicated to the stator for electric motors production.

'60s1960-1970 - The company...

1960-1970 - The company specialized in the precision mechanic parts production for customers who produced automatic machines in different sectors.

'70s1970-1979 - Bettinelli...

1970-1979 - During these years Bettinelli F.lli begun the production of special assembly machines and mechanic positioners actuators. Strategic components for every type of automatic machine.

1979 - At the founder death, the two sons, Ferdinando and Vincenzo Bettinelli, took over the management of the company, which grew constantly characterized by a strong and dynamic innovative spirit.

'80sThe company moved...

The company moved from the old factory located in Crema (Cr) to the new site in Bagnolo Cremasco (Cr) in the ex-industrial district “De Magistris S.p.A” of about 25,000 m2

The district “De Magistris” was built in 1923 and it is an example of industrial archeology. The site was renovated respecting the origins of the place and the environment in order to satisfy the needs of a modern factory in expansion.

'90s1991 - Reorganization of.....

1991 - Reorganization of the family property. The company became a limited company in order to better support the growth and the development on industrial level.

1993 - Development of a linear transfer system for automatic machines. The precision linear transfer (TL) completed the set of base transmission components.

1997 - The company was organized on divisional basis establishing two different business units:

The business unit under the brand “CB AUTOMATION” specialized in automatic assembly platforms with specific focus on medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

The business unit “CDS” specialized in cam precision actuators business, with specific focus on the global sector of automatic machine builders.

1998 - Bettinelli F.lli SpA gained the Quality System ISO 9001 certification, certify n° 1022/4 date 20th July 1998. The company, with its skills, affirmed its role of ideal partner, not only for European market companies, but also for the global ones.

1999 - The company went on with the diversification of its production and a 50% acquisition in API Srl, a small society specialized in the production of semi-automatic platforms for the packaging of disposable hygienical products.

20002000 - A new CDS branch...

2000 - A brand new CDS branch set in Sparta, New Jersey, U.S.A.. Thanks to the Bettinelli S.p.A. support in Research & Development , a new complete set of automatic platforms for the packaging of disposable hygienical products was launched by API srl.

M.I.U.R., an Italian public authority linked to university research structures, approved an innovation technological business project. This project was oriented to support the scientific research (Law 46/82-. Technological innovation Rif. 6063/DSPAR/0). It concerned the realization of an innovative machine with more CNC axes for the induction hardening of every type of cam profile integrated with the CAE – CAD – CAM business process. This gave the company an impressive competitive advantage among the major global competitors.

The company entered in the global development and in the brand strategy era. The mark “Cam Driven Systems” (recorded into the European Union marks database (UAMI), CTM 000.559.377) is associated to the business unit specialized in the actuators and intermittent cam precision systems production.

2001 - A financial partnership was set with FIN. PAS.A. Luxembourg. The partnership was aimed to support the internationalization company growth plan.

2003 - A project for the development of CDS U.S.A. corp. was developed with the financial support of SIMEST S.p.A. (operation n° 2661/394) in order to strengthen the business presence in the U.S.A.

The participation in API srl increased to 75% taking the control over the company.

2004 - The company structure was conformed through the real estate part scission and the creation of B.R.E. s.r.l. (Bettinelli Real Estate).

2006 - The business unit H.C.S. (hardware components & software) was created. It specialized in flexible machines intelligence platforms, committed to automatic assembly and control lines with a specific focus into medical/pharma and cosmetic/home sectors. The mark is registered in the database of EU commercial marks (UAMI), CTM, n°: 005.282.645.

The mark CB Automation Assembly Technology was registered into the EU commercial marks database (UAMI), CTM with the number: 005.287.933.

2007 - Recording of a new Medicam mark in order to better identify a specific CDS production committed to components for automatic machines working in the clean room. The brand is recorded into the EU commercial marks data base, (CTM) with the number: 005.646.252.

Two new innovative models of servo-actuated automatic platforms for the packaging of Leonardo and Michelangelo (disposable hygienical products) were launched by API srl and commercialized with the brand CB packaging.

2008 - Establishment of CSD GmbH, a branch of Cam Driven Systems in Rain am Lech (Germany).

Establishment of CSD GmbH, a branch of Cam Driven Systems in Rain am Lech (Germany).

2009 - In September 2009 Bettinelli F.lli S.p.A and Colombo Filippetti S.p.A. signed an agreement protocol direct to a project of association on equal basis.

20102011 - As a result...

2011 - As a result of a Research & Development activity, started in 2006 by HCS department, a new proprietary software called “Electronic Cam” was implemented in both CB automation and CB packaging automation platforms.

The concept refers to a new approach to the automatic motion transmission. The functions are no more managed by mechanical cams connected to a main shaft, but by independent servo-actuated units, connected each other by the software “Electronic Cam”.

This way, the position and speed assigned to one of them (called “the main”) corresponds to an assigned position and a precise speed of all the others (“software chain”).

This confers an unequaled flexibility to the CB platforms, both in assembly and packaging sectors, drastically reducing the process optimization time, but maintaining high and reliable productivity standards.

2012 - The purposes of the project of association in 2009 became real acts that led to the creation of the holding group INMAN srl.

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